Information Security

Reputation and integrity of trusted organizations are at risk as the magnitude (quantity) and the speed at which information security threats are increasing. The boundaries between internal and external IT environments blur as customers, suppliers, and remote users connect to the network. Although cyberspace offers opportunities for leading organisations, this environment is uncertain and potentially dangerous. Internet has become a haven for hackers and cybercriminals to hone their skills and in response governments are bringing in new legislations and regulations to address public concerns and prevent frauds. This puts pressure on organizations to adapt themselves and to be ready for responding appropriately. Better informed and prepared organizations are likely to go a long way in securing their future.

Xaas Infotech can help you plan, design, implement, and support a comprehensive enterprise security solution based on best-of-breed technologies, to ensure the integrity of information and the availability of resources on corporate networks. With a team that has got experience in the Security industry, we bring in the depth and breadth of expertise needed to address the complex security issues in today’s computing environments.

We take the industry’s leading security products and combine them with our own widely recognized engineering services to create security solutions you can depend on – for today’s threats and the emerging ones of tomorrow. Our team is armed with the expertise to understand the threats and design implement and monitor security solutions to guard your organization against security threats without compromising on the information access needs of employees, partners and customers.

We deliver solutions to address a wide range of enterprise security concerns, including:


  • Network Security
  • Device Security
  • Data Security
  • Security management and analytics

Network Security

Next Generation Firewall NGFW

The NGFW plays a crucial role in protecting your network from modern day threats.

The solution that we offer provides zero day protection. The unique technology also identifies and prevents evasion techniques by possible attackers.

Virtualization security

We offer solutions for protecting virtualized environments where each sever running a critical application is secured. It secures the virtual machine along with the applications.

It also helps protect cloud services and provides access control while preventing intrusions or attacks.

Intrusion prevention system

The IPS solution that we offer is a an advanced one that is capable of blocking present day threats and intrusion and presents itself as a crucial line of defence for a network along with other perimeter security. Threats and breaches can be detected in quick time. It is beyond the traditional IPS and not just signature based.

BYOD /NAC solution

The solution lets you on-board your mobile devices and safely connect to your network. You can also set policies and ensure compliance with security posture. Policies can be made flexible based on roles. It offers Dependable Policy management and complete network visibility with the reporting.


The solution offers secure connectivity to the network and resources that need to be accessed from a wide range of devices be it a mobile, tablet or a laptop. For fortifying authentication 2FA can be used. Remote access to data is required for all mobile employees and they would use a wide range of devices to get access. It allows extranet users like partners to access data using trusted devices. It can also be configured to allow access to only the necessary data depending on who is accessing.

Two factor authentication

This solution strengthens authentication to critical applications and devices by means of passcodes from soft or hard tokens. A device like a mobile or a tablet that an end user possesses can also be used to deliver very strong OTPs.

Web security

The solution we offer protects your network from web based threats, malware, phishing spyware etc. It can help you setup access policies and gives granular reporting. The solution can also inspect SSL traffic which is a key requirement in today’s world of e-commerce and e-transactions.

Device Security

End Point

Security at the end point is important for all sizes of networks. The solution that we offer helps protects against intrusions, malware, security breaches and zero day threats. It also safeguards the devices in your network with virus protection, web security, anti-spam and end point firewall. It can also offer security for cloud storage.

Device Control

The device Control solution that we offer protects confidential or important data from leaving your network through removable media, such as USB drives, Bluetooth devices, and recordable CDs and DVDs. It helps monitor and control data transfers from desktops and laptops even when they are not connected to the corporate network. Also an action like blocking or encrypting is possible on devices.

Mobile Device Management / Enterprise Mobility Management

The Mobility Management solution we offer can manage devices, Apps and Content, Secures Data, and provide threat protection across a plethora of mobile devices with iOS, Android or Windows.

It can safeguard your data on mobiles and devices, gives you comprehensive visibility of the mobile environment, regardless of platform, device type or service provider. It can provide easy provisioning and policy distribution. Devices can simply be on boarded in your enterprise environment, configured and updated.

Security features – Block devices that have malware, are jailbroken or rooted, or that have blacklisted apps. You can enforce authentication and encryption.You can remote lock; wipe corporate data on devices that are lost or stolen.

Patch management

A patch management solution is essential to identify and patch software security vulnerabilities. We offer a solution to patch the OS, third party applications or software and browsers. All this is achieved with the help of a single console and it works for a heterogeneous environment. It takes care of the required updates and patches the vulnerabilities taking care of remediation as well. It checks for end points and ensures that all of them are patched.

Data Security

Data Loss Prevention

The DLP solution we offer works proactively to prevent inadvertent data loss and leaks that could be intentional as well. Protection is provided for data at rest residing in file shares, servers, data in motion via web, email traffic and for data in use at the end points.

Data Encryption

Data encryption solution we offer encrypts data on end points at the hard disk level also called disk encryption protects data stored on laptops mainly.

Managed File Transfer

Managed file transfer is a method by which secure transfer of data is done between two computers via a network like the internet. It is done via specific piece of software or service by the solution that we offer.

Security Analytics and Management


Security Incident and Event Management or SIEM today has grown from good to have to must have for the SME and large enterprise networks. The solution helps in threat management, risk management and data protection for an organization. We offer solutions from top vendors that have capabilities to analyse on premise, cloud logs & network packets; all this with compliance requirements met. Additionally you can define and manage incident response processes.


The solution enables enterprises to understand and be aware about who has access to what applications and resources. It helps take smart decisions on access based on identity.

It provides data access governance and identity lifecycle. It also ensures that users get appropriate levels of access across resources and applications.


Managing Governance Risk and Compliance is of high precedence for most enterprises in today’s IT scenario. The solution we offer can manage compliance, automate business processes and gain visibility into security, assess risks and put a governance context in place.

Vulnerability Management

We can get the vulnerabilities and risks assessed in your network and articulate a report on the same. We can recommend the remediation steps accordingly. Also we can check how secure are your web servers and find the vulnerabilities in them as well.